Kejafi play traditional and original music celebrating the deep Australian and Scottish connection. The Sydney-based trio create an exciting and energetic sound with duel fiddles, octave mandolin and moving songs that will have your feet tapping and heartstrings pulled. 

Baltimore Fiddle Fair 2021 Online – Recorded on James Craig Tall Ship on Sydney Harbour

The trio formed in early 2018 after successfully establishing a monthly Scottish music session in Sydney in 2017. Since then they have played at numerous festivals, folk clubs and gigs including the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, Australian Celtic Festival, Sydney Folk Festival and the St Albans Folk Festival. They have also shared the stage with fiddle player Manus McGuire, piper Chris Gray and Susan O’Neill.

Fiona McVicar

Fiddle player Fiona McVicar is a well-respected and sought-after musician and teacher, with many years experience in playing traditional Irish and Scottish fiddle music in both Australia and Ireland. She currently performs in several traditional and folk groups including Seanchas and Blackwater.
Having previous played the bagpipes in pipe bands and also once a Highland Dancer, Fiona brings a more west coast or piping style to her fiddle playing.

James Gastineau-Hills

James Gastineau-Hills is a fiddle player who fell in love with Scottish dance music and has spent over twenty years playing it in Scotland and Australia. His recordings include an album “Burns with a Fiddle” with performer Neil Morrison, an album collaborating with Scottish Trio “Luce Women” and most recently with Sydney world/jazz group “Broadland Trio”. James is passionate about sharing the tunes and craft of Scottish fiddle playing, and currently leads the Sydney Scottish Fiddlers.

Ken O’Neill

Ken O’Neill grew up in Co. Tipperary, Ireland and started his musical life in rock bands. Since moving to Australia nearly 20 years ago, he has focussed solely on traditional music, accompanying Irish sessions and folk bands on DADGAD guitar and octave mandolin.

The trio is lyrical, energetic, very Scottish and will leave their audiences wanting more.

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